cold? hot? in-between? it’s up to you.

So, this could be touted as a heavily debated topic: what is the right temperature for your backyard swimming pool? What some may deem as too cold may be just right for others. While certain folks may prefer a warmer swimming environment, some people love the rush of jumping into an ice cold pool on a hot summer’s day. Everyone has their own opinion as to the perfect swimming pool temperature, but this is an important matter to discuss. Why? Well, many factors may account for pool temperature settings.

As a general rule of thumb, the perfect pool temperature is between 78° F and 82° F (26° C and 28° C).  That being said, however, some temperatures pose a risk for certain groups of people, and those temperatures can also invite contaminants into the water. Further, some temperatures are more favorable for athletic activities.

So, here are a few suggestions on how to determine at what temperature the water in your pool should be.

who uses your pool and for what purpose?

Do you have a swimming pool that is constantly filled with people, just floating around and enjoying each other’s company? Or are there just a handful of folks using the pool for exercise and other activities? What about the ages of the people using the pool? It does make a difference.

pool temperature for swimming lessons

If your pool is being used for swimming lessons for kids (which The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends starting lessons by the age of four), the Red Cross suggests the pool temperature be at least 84° F for a few reasons.

  1. It keeps the young swimmers’ bodies comfortable in this new environment.
  2. It keeps their muscles loose and warm.
  3. It helps to prevent breathing issues that might arise from being in water that is too cold.

pool temperature for older adults

Aging comes with a whole lot of issues, right?  When it comes to swimming, older bodies tend to be a bit less tolerant of significant temperature changes and are more susceptible to reaction from the water being too cold or too hot. Not only can this be uncomfortable to older adults, but it can also pose a risk to their health.

For older adults using your pool simply for leisure, adjust the temperature to remain between 86° F and 88° F (30° C and 31° C).

pool temperature for water exercises

Water exercises are ideal for individuals struggling with arthritis. The buoyancy of the water means less impact on the joints. Plus, there is very little risk of falling during these exercises. If someone with arthritis (no matter their age) is using your pool, the most comfortable temperature setting is between 84° F and 88° F (29° C and 31° C). If the arthritis limits one’s function, higher temperatures might prove to be more helpful, say, somewhere between 86° F and 90° F (30° C and 32° C).

No matter your age, doing exercises in the water is a great way to work out the entire physique. The benefits include relief from low back pain; improved cardiovascular health; lower blood pressure; improvement in mood; increased lung capacity; and a longer life.

If you enjoy swimming and water aerobics, the ideal temperature ranges from 78° F to 82° F (26° C to 28° C).

things to consider before you adjust the water temperature of your backyard pool

Increasing your pool temperature can affect your pool heater – not to mention your energy bill – if you bring it up to support a child learning to swim or a guest who has arthritis or an older family member who wants to simply relax.

If you are heating up the pool for just a one-time use to accommodate someone, it isn’t very cost effective. Plus, it can disturb your water chemistry. However, if you have an older member living in your home or someone with arthritis, it might be time to consider investing in one of our Imagine Pools spas instead of constantly adjusting the temperature of the water in your pool.

Whatever temperature setting you decide on, be sure it allows you to live “life at its best.” No matter the right temperature for your swimming pool, however, we can help you make your Imagine Pools backyard fiberglass swimming pool one cool pool!